The number of new Melanoma in US 2021: Approximately 106,110 new melanomas will be diagnosed (about 62,260 in men and 43,850 in women).  Of these, 12.5% are stage II and 25% are stage III.  This totals 39,792 potential new cases to target per year. Approximately 7,180 people are expected to die of melanoma (about 4,600 men and 2,580 women). The number of new Glioblastoma in US 2021: Glioblastoma represents 14.5% of all primary brain tumors, and 48.6% of all gliomas. Glioblastoma has the highest number of cases of all malignant tumors, with an estimated 12,205 new cases predicted in 2021.

The potential customer base of melanoma and glioblastoma combined this year is 51,997 cases, up 11% from 46,986 cases in 2018.

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