REF: Zucker, et al CBT, 2012


Haniva was recently awarded a US Patent for the Combination Therapy of non-thermal plasma and any DNA damaging agent activated by hypoxia. While our original studies were performed with metastatic melanoma cells and tumors, the therapy shows efficacy in other cell lines including colon cancer, cervical carcinoma, and most recently, glioblastoma. The goals of the research are to use non-thermal plasma and hypoxia-inducible agents in a highly selective targeting approach for cancer cells.

Our melanoma studies have already demonstrated a 90% reduction in tumor volume when human tumors are assayed in a mouse model. The principle is that the tumors are being inundated with reactive oxygen species by both the non-thermal plasma and the pharmaceutical agent. The cancer cells reach the threshold for apoptosis while the normal cells remain unaffected. The striking result is that the tumors continue to regress after the treatment window has been completed. Furthermore, we have documented decreases in many genes associated with metastasis. This therapeutic approach may prove applicable to a broad spectrum of tumor types.